40-Hr RBT

Trainings and Professional Development

The Training Institute at Multicultural Development Services offers several introductory courses in applied behavior analysis.  If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of basic ABA concepts and principles or are considering a technical career in the field of applied behavior analysis , please review the trainings above.  These trainings are useful for  behavior assistants currently working or interested in working with special needs children/teens/adults , behavior technicians that are not registered or certified techs, direct care staff, parents , psychology major students, teachers and professionals  interested in improving behavior management skills.  For a full description of certifications available through the BACB, please visit bacb.com. The trainings listed above are offered independent of the BACB.

20-Hr Intro To ABA

This training is an introductory course in applied behavior analysis . The 20 hrs course can be applied to the 40 Hrs instruction requirement for the RBT credential. This course is suitable for parents and residential staff that need to learn/improve and apply basic ABA principles.

40-Hr RBT

The 40-Hour RBT Training Course is based on the task list developed by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) for Registered Behavior Technicians. RBTs work under the supervision of a BCBA, BCaBA or Fl –CBA and are primarily responsible for the implementation of behavior analytic services. The RBT is a paraprofessional credential. For a detailed description of all requirements to obtain and maintain the RBT credential please visit the BACB website (bacb.com). This training is offered independent of the BACB. You can complete the course during five consecutive Saturdays or one full week (M-Sat). Please contact our office if you would like information about our next training. Training is offered in English, Spanish translation available upon request (must be requested prior to registration). *Online Instruction via Zoom. Requirements to obtain the RBT Credential: Complete and pass the 40 -Hr RBT training course. Pass the RBT Competency Assessment (Demonstrate that you are capable of performing all the activities listed on the RBT Task List) Approve the RBT exam. Review and follow the instructions provided by the BACB (bacb.com) All applicants must pass a Level 2 Background check before scheduling the RBT Exam.

RBT Test Prep

If you are planning to take the Registered Behavior Technician board exam and took the 40 Hr-RBT course a while ago, or feel that you could benefit from additional training to clarify doubts and increase your possibilities of passing the RBT exam, you can attend our prep courses. Study along peers that are determined to become RBTs and are willing to put the time and effort to achieve their goal. Online instruction via Zoom. Meet during (4) hours for two consecutive Saturdays and master the RBT task list. Test practice available. Contact our office if you need additional information.